Explore Riverside-Riebe Park!

Riverside-Riebe Park provides scenic walking and riding trails, picnic shelters, a dog park, a canoe launch, a playground, a spot for fishing, and many other amenities! Use the surrey bike to explore this beautiful park.

Explore Mark Park!

Mark Park provides walking trails, baseball fields, picnic shelters, and a playground! Fun Fact: it also is the home to our wonderful surrey bike and is right by our Splash Park. Take some time to explore Mark Park when you rent!

Explore Civic Center Park!

Civic Center Park provides a basketball court, a playground, picnic tables, horseshoe pits, and an all-purpose sports field! Take some time on your ride to visit!

Instructional Video

Please watch this video prior to your rental made by students from Princeton High School explaining how to safely and properly use the Surrey Bike!

Watch Now

The Surrey Bike

Regulations and Information

1. Cross streets at traffic lights and walk bike across intersections.

2. Avoid riding down Rum River Dr.

3. STAY WITHIN CITY LIMITS unless noted on the map.

4. No racing other bikes.

5. Stay off sidewalks UNLESS it is a designated trail.

6. If trail ends at a non-designated sidewalk, the surrey bike must merge onto the street.

7. The e-assist lasts up to 15 miles, USE SPARINGLY.

*Remember pedaling is always an option*

Don't Forget Hand Signals!

The Surrey Bike was made possible by Age-Friendly Princeton and our amazing sponsors!